The Start of a Dream Park for the Future!
・Japan’s largest flower and greenery festival
・Enjoy experiences only available here including the 10 million flowers and Japan’s longest bamboo slide and tallest swing 


6 Attractions

1. 10 million flowers from Yamaguchi in full bloom

2. “A Park that Nurtures Children” Starting from Yamaguchi

3.Becoming #1 in Japan!
Japan’s Longest Bamboo Slide
Japan’s Tallest Swing
4. Fantastic Night Program
  5. 1,000 Thrilling Events and Hands-on Experiences
  6. Citizens Participating to Bring in a New Dream Park     

8 Zones

<Admission Area>

1.Welcome Zone
"An Approach that Piques Your Interest"
2.Valley of Flowers Zone
"Original flowers from Yamaguchi Prefecture that add color to the dream garden"
3.Garden Pavilion Zone
"Encountering new appeals of the garden"
4.Picnic in the Forest Zone
"Enjoy fully your future picnic life"
5.Play by the Mountain Zone
"Outdoor fun in the mountains that nurtures children"
6.Play by the Seaside Zone 
"Outdoor fun by the sea that nurtures children"

<Free of Charge Area>

7.Year 2050 Forest Zone
“Play in the Forest Enjoy Forestry Activities“
8. Large Grassland by the Sea Zone
“Play in Japan’s Best Grassy Area”

Event Information


Friday, September 14, 2018 ~ Sunday, November 4, 2018 52 Days
【Admission Area 9:00~21:00】【Free of Charge Area 9:00~17:00】


Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park(Ajisu, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) 

Entrance Fee

Currency: Japanese yen(including tax)

※High School Students (Age 15-17), Elementary and Junior High School Students (Age 6-14)
※Group Discount for 8 or more (Those age 5 and under are free and not included in group discount)
※Night discount begins from 4:00 pm.
※International visitors who show their passports can purchase a discounted ticket for 900 yen.


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By car  
~20 minutes by Yamaguchi-minami I.C. heading  from Hiroshima    
~10 minutes by Ajisu I.C. heading fromFukuoka.
Free parking available
By shuttle bus(free of charge)
~20 minutes from JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station    
~5 minutes from JR Ajisu Station
~35 minutes from Yamaguchi Ube Airport heading towards Tokiwa Park

■Yamaguchi tourist information

Yamaguchi tourist information can be found here


“Yamaguchi Yume Flower Expo” Office (35th National Urban Greenery Fair Yamaguchi Committee Office)
Official Website:

“Yamaguchi Yume Flower Expo” Office (35th National Urban Greenery Fair Yamaguchi Committee Office)
Official Website: